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Morocco Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom Dekstop presets

March 18, 2019 · presets · 0 comments
lightroom presets morocco
Morocco Lightroom Presets

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You will get: 5 Morocco Premium Presets - for Lightroom mobile & Lightroom desktop

You are looking into creating inspiring content from your travels to Morocco or other oriental countries? This premium lightroom preset is the right one for you! It is inspired by 10 weeks of Vanlife travels through Morocco. This is right where it evolved into its orange-pink shades and is now available for you to give your pictures the final touch and turn them into the 1001 nights dream. Being one of my top 10 presets I use during my professional editing I am happy to share it with you now.

Bringing the mystic Moroccan flair into your pictures, this preset will focus on the desertly pink-orange layers but still work well with all the bright colors from the markets in the pulsing cities and the green, fresh oases that you will explore in the hinterlands. How, you wonder?

This preset comes with 5 variations, making it as simple as it gets for you to apply the right one for the different scenes you will meet during your travels. Whilst all working in the same color style, they focus on the different locations: Sunset, Ocean, Oasis, Desert and Desert Sky. This makes it possible for you to edit your pictures even more professional.

Whether you are a blogger, Instagram influencer or a vanlifer on the road, this extraordinary preset will suit you well, as it is made for a wide range of pictures, whilst focussing on the oriental Moroccan mood. Express your feelings through the perfect photo edit and let the emotion be carried to your followers and friends.

With the help of the following different variations, your pictures will all live in the same moor, showing one line, whilst being edited a little bit different, according to its needs. These variations will give you the perfect fit for the various occasions whilst keeping your feed and mood in line.

01 Salty Morocco classic | Inspired by Morocco's landscape. Fits perfect in the wild dusty markets and into the red-brownish landscape of Morocco.

02 Salty Morocco classic - Sunset | Inspired by Morocco's sunsets. Perfectly fits for sunsets by adding some pop to the colors. Look and feel like 01 Salty morocco Classic.

03 Salty Morocco classic - Oasis | Inspired by Morocco's Oases. Oasis are appearing out of nowhere in the desertly landscape. Capturing this you don´t wanna miss the green in your pictures. The Oasis preset keeps the Color scheme like 01 Salty Morocco classic but gives back some shades of green to underline the flourishing nature.

04 Salty Morocco classic - Desert | Inspired by Morocco's sand dunes and the desert. Gives the glittery sand a light orange-golden touch and makes it almost look like a painting.

05 Salty Morocco classic - Desert Sky | Inspired by Morocco's sand dunes and the desert. Gives the glittery sand a light orange-golden touch and makes it almost look like a painting. Whilst the 05 Desert preset you still have a touch of blue in the sky, this one takes out even more color, focusing on the dunes only.

Tips and Tricks:

If you feel like the picture does not look right after activating the preset, most of the time some adjustment in the exposure and /or White Balance slider can regulate it.
In case you use a wide angle lens, like e.g. a 16mm with a vignette, don't forget to check “enable profile correction” in Lightroom to get rid of the vignette.

Please feel free to contact me in case you have any questions