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Bliss Yoga Teacher Training

May 15, 2019 · Portfolio Projects, Video · 0 comments
yoga Video Bliss
Promotion Video Surf and Yoga Workshop Day

This project includes a promotional Video with explains the journey during Yoga Teacher training, with is an addition content pice for the  Teacher training landing page with contains more detailed facts about the Yoga Teacher Training. 


Addition to the main Clip, there has been created several Social Content pieces to lead more traffic to the Teacher training page. 


Its split up in short engaging Clips, to be shared in paid social Media promotion and one longer Video with more details for the Feed. 


Aim of the Video: Get people to book a Yoga Teacher Training. Show the Studio, Teacher, explain the Teacher Training as such, personal touch of the local Yoga studio. 


Idea behind: A clean yet welcoming look and feel. Individual development within a community. Unity, space and heartwarming atmosphere. Transport meaning and intention.